Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) windows that offer a very wide transmission range and can be provided blank, polish finished, and coated for spectrometers and detectors are being introduced by Laser Research Optics of Providence, RI.

Laser Research ZnSe Windows operate over a transmission range from 0.6 to 18 µm, have a very low absorption coefficient of 0.0005/cm @ 10.6 µm, and are non-hygroscopic.  Highly stable in a laboratory environment, ZnSe windows can be supplied blank, polish finished, and DBAR coated in 0.5” to 3.0” O.D. sizes and various thicknesses to match specific customer requirements.

Chemically vapor deposition grown, Laser Research ZnSe Windows are ideal for systems operating at various bands within the material’s wide trans-mission range.  Typical surface quality in the IR are 40-20 scratch-dig, 60-40 in the 0.8 to 7 µm region, and 60-40, 80-50, or 120-80 scratch-dig for the 7 to 16 µm region, depending upon system performance requirements.