JEOL High Sensitivity GC-TOF Increases Data Acquisition Speed and Mass Resolving Power

JEOL’s newest AccuTOF GCv model - the “4G” - now offers even faster data acquisition rates and higher resolving power than its predecessor.  The AccuTOF-GCv|4G has a maximum data acquisition rate of 50 spectra per second and a resolving power of 8000.  The 50 Hz acquisition rate now makes it possible to acquire high-resolution mass spectra in combination with third party two-dimensional GC (GC×GC).  The AccuTOF-GCv|4G offers the highest sensitivity (S/N >100 at OFN 1 pg/µL) commercially available in any GC-TOF systems. JEOL’s unique combination EI/FI/FD ion source offers both molecular weight information (field ionization and field desorption: FI and FD) and classical library-searchable (electron ionization: EI) mass spectra without having to change ion sources.

The AccuTOF-GCv|4G delivers high-resolution, accurate mass spectra with full-mass-range sensitivity for both qualitative and quantitative analysis.  Ion sources include EI, CI, FI, FD, and LIFDI.  Additionally, the unique EI/FI/FD combination source makes it easy to switch between EI and FI by simply removing the EI repeller probe and inserting the FI emitter probe.  The switchover takes only a few seconds and does not require an ion source change.  FD and FI are very soft ionization methods that can produce abundant molecular ions with little or no fragmentation, even for “difficult” molecules such as saturated alkanes.  Unlike chemical ionization (CI), FD and FI do not require a reagent gas.  The AccuTOF GCV|4G is the first mass spectrometer to make the powerful FD and FI methods truly convenient.

With a fast analog-to-digital converter providing high linear dynamic range, the JEOL AccuTOF-GCv|4G is perfectly suited to analyzing complex mixtures of true unknowns, even at low concentrations. Applications include: environmental samples, petrochemicals, polymers and materials, forensics, foods, flavors, and fragrances.