LECO Introduces Sulfur Configuration for Macro Elemental Sample Analysis

LECO’s new TruMac CNS Macro Analyzer adds sulfur analysis capabilities (perfect for soil and plant tissue analysis) to the instrument’s existing carbon/nitrogen configuration. Macro sample sizes (up to 3 grams for nitrogen; up to 1.5 grams for carbon/nitrogen; up to 0.3 grams for carbon/nitrogen/sulfur) are quickly and simultaneously analyzed with a low cost-per-analysis. A horizontal ceramic combustion system, using pure oxygen, with a maximum temperature of 1450oC ensures the complete oxidation of macro samples. Large, reusable ceramic boats make the sample handling process easy to manage, and allow for ash removal after every analysis. An autoloader provides unattended analysis of up to 50 samples.

By adding sulfur capabilities, the TruMac becomes an ideal choice for those looking to analyze macro samples in the environmental and agronomy markets. The TruMac complies with AOAC-, AACC-, AOCS-, and ASBC-approved methods of analysis.