Syrris makes difficult aqueous work-ups possible

The unique Asia FLLEX (Flow Liquid Liquid EXtraction) module from Syrris – the leading provider of flow chemistry solutions – is the flow chemistry equivalent of a separating funnel yet involves no shaking and does not rely on gravity. It is ideally suited to the preparation of samples prior to analysis, further synthetic steps or purification. This innovative device offers continuous mixing of organic product streams with an aqueous phase, followed by rapid diffusion and subsequent phase separation into the constituent parts, allowing aqueous work-up to be integrated immediately after synthesis to provide cleaner reactions with fewer impurities.

The Asia FLLEX is the only commercially available, laboratory scale flow aqueous extraction system on the market, and can be used with a wide range of organic solvents that are either more or less dense than water. Its advanced membrane technology enables separation of the widest possible range of phase mixtures, including the separation of THF from an aqueous phase, and offers better control of bubble size, limiting the formation of emulsions which commonly occur using traditional liquid-liquid extractions.

The Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands is already taking advantage of the Asia FLLEX system’s excellent separation performance, as Assistant Professor Dr Timothy Noël explained: “We employed the Asia FLLEX module as a copper extraction device in a recently published application1. The system’s flexibility to connect to our existing microflow apparatus was key to the success of the project, and we already have several more applications in the pipeline.”