Are You Ready for a Chemical Spill? Introducing our new Lab Cleaning Supplies Category!

You don't need to be an expert to know that accidents are one of those inevitable occurences in a laboratory setting (I know that I've had my share of mishaps in the lab).  Whether your new lab tech accidentally spilled some HCL on the floor or you're just looking to clean some glassware before your next experiment, Labwrench has you covered.  We are pleased to announce that we have just released a new Lab Cleaning Supplies category.  Click on the links to get more details on some of the products in our Detergents & Spill Control Products sub-categories.

Spill Control Products:


Premier Magnesia - Ampho-Mag



STERIS - LabKlenz 100, LabKlenz 120, LabKlenz 200, & LabKlenz 250


Keep checking-in to LabWrench for all your Lab Cleaning Supplies needs as we will be expanding our current consumables categories as well adding new ones in the upcoming weeks!

As always, don’t forget to join the LabWrench Community forums and bench our new consumables categories as well as your favourite equipment and manufacturers to receive all the latest updates!

James Vandal
Product Research Coordinator
LabX Media Group