GE Healthcare launches Ni Sepharose™ excel chromatography media for direct purification of histidine-tagged proteins secreted from eukaryotic expression systems

Allows direct purification, accelerating sample handling and increasing target protein yield

GE Healthcare’s Ni Sepharose™ excel is an immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) medium (resin) for the direct capture and purification of secreted histidine-tagged recombinant proteins from eukaryotic cell culture supernatants. The new resin significantly reduces sample handling prior to purification and therefore increases target protein yield and decreases degradation.

Ni Sepharose excel is precharged with nickel ions that are very strongly bound to a chelating ligand and is designed primarily for the purification of histidine-tagged proteins secreted from eukaryotic cell based expression systems. The resin is highly resistant to metal ion stripping and supports direct loading of large sample volumes, speeding up the workflow of researchers as time-consuming pretreatment procedures are no longer need.

As Paul Wan, Team Leader at AstraZeneca R&D noted “This medium is changing the way we purify our secreted target proteins, irrespective of expression system”.

The resin is also available as His Mag Sepharose excel which allows rapid capture by magnetic devices whilst also binding histidine-tagged proteins. This resin is ideally suited to small-scale experiments. Ni Sepharose excel is available in 100 ml and 500 ml packs, as well as prepacked in HisTrap excel 1 ml and 5 ml columns which are optimised for use with chromatography systems such as ?KTA™ systems. His Mag Sepharose excel is available as 10% (v/v) medium slurry in three different pack sizes (2 x 1 ml, 5 x 1 ml, and 10 x 1 ml) which are designed for use with MagRack 6 and MagRack Maxi test tube racks.