Complimentary Gas Chromatography & Liquid Chromatography Troubleshooting at your Fingertips!

Here on LabWrench, our primary goal is to get you all the resources you need to spend less time looking for answers to your equipment problems and more time actually performing experiments.  Are you one of the many scientists using a GC system or LC system in your lab?  If so, you should definitely have a look at Thermo Scientific’s LC and GC Troubleshooting WallCharts. 

These troubleshooting posters allow you to have a quick and handy reference to fix the most common GC and LC system problems as quickly as possible.  The charts are completely free and are the perfect addition to any laboratory and/or office wall. All you need to do in order to receive these troubleshooting posters is to click the form link and fill out a brief 20 second form with your name and address so the poster can be mailed to you.

Found below are the areas covered by the troubleshooting posters.  You’ll need the actual poster for the solutions to these problems.

Liquid Chromatography Troubleshooting Poster

  • Sensitivity Issues
  • Poor Sample Recovery
  • Baseline Problems
  • Leaks
  • Retention
  • Pressure
  • Peaks

Click here to get your Liquid Chromatography poster now!


Gas Chromatography Troubleshooting Poster

  • Baseline Problems Without Injections
  • Baseline Problems With Injections
  • Column or Inlet Problems
  • Problems with Results

Click here to get your Gas Chromatography poster now!


On a separate note, there is an ICP-MS Troubleshooting WallChart that is currently being developed by Thermo Scientific and should be available in the next couple of months so be sure to keep checking in to LabWrench!


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James Vandal
Product Research Coordinator
LabX Media Group