The Microsaic 3500 MiD is the world’s smallest fully integrated MS system.

Microsaic has successfully miniaturised mass spectrometry by integrating the key MS components
onto patented chip technologies called ionchip®, spraychip® and vac-chip. Microsaic’s MS products
retain the speed and sensitivity of larger, conventional MS systems but are substantially smaller,
lighter, consume less energy and have lower running costs. The Company’s first product, the
Microsaic 3500 MiD®, was launched in January 2011 and is the world’s smallest MS system.

Microsaic partners with customers to deliver products incorporating its next generation MS and
other MEMS based technologies.

The Microsaic 3500 MiD is the world’s smallest fully integrated MS system. The 3500 MiD is the
size of a standard desktop computer and with very few additional infrastructure requirements it is
smaller, lighter, more energy efficient and cheaper to run than conventional MS systems.

The 3500 MiD is designed to readily integrate with existing HPLC equipment with no extra
footprint extending the capability of your HPLC system with significant cost savings compared to a
conventional MS system.

Historically, MS has only been used for off-line analysis but the 3500 MiD is so compact it can
be used for on-line reaction monitoring in a fume-hood. Monitoring batch reactions in real time
provides the chemist with vital reaction data which can be acted upon to maximise yield and/
or minimize impurities. The 3500 MiD is also ideal for flow chemistry systems where MS data
can be used for faster reaction optimisation. The system is portable with modular plug and play
components for maximum application flexibility.