New Brunswick CelliGen® BLU 5L Packed-Bed Vessel

Eppendorf is proud to announce the release of the first single-use vessel to incorporate New Brunswick’s proprietary packed-bed impeller system. Pre-loaded with 150g of Fibra-Cel® disks, and ready to use out of the box, the New Brunswick CelliGen® BLU 5L Packed-Bed Single-Use vessel is a welcome addition to the growing portfolio of New Brunswick single-use products. Customers of New Brunswick’s autoclavable packed-bed impeller have touted the maximum cell densities, product yields, and overall system performance. Targeted at secreted product applications, the packed-bed impeller system has proven successful using both anchorage dependent and suspension cell lines. Customers looking for a single-use solution for their application now have the option to incorporate the advantages of the packed bed system.