Newest LabWrench Sponsor - New Era Pumps Systems Inc.

Happy Friday Everyone!

I would like to end the week by introducing you to our newest sponsor: New Era Pumps Systems Inc.

Covering a wide variety of applications, New Era's goal is to provide researchers around the globe with the smartest and most versatile syringe pumps.  New Era syringe pumps are affordable and can easily be reconfigured to meet any sophisticated dispensing and flow control applications that you may have. 

Some of the applications covered by New Era pumps include high pressure/highly viscous fluids, electrospinning, microfluidics, constant flow/variable concentration, automated dispensing, anti-drip, and more.  A broad distribution network and a large amount of international distributors make New Era Pump System Inc.'s product line available to researchers around the globe.

Learn more about New Era Pump Systems Inc. by checking out their website below:


Click on the links below to more information on some of New Era's syringe pumps that are currently available to you:


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James Vandal
Product Research Coordinator
LabX Media Group