FEI Announces New NanoManipulator and Gas Injector Solutions for Industry-Leading DualBeam Systems

New accessories enable improved yield of ultrathin sample preparation and enhance flexibility and control of gas-assisted milling and deposition processes

FEI, a leading instrumentation company providing imaging and analysis systems for research and industry, today announced significant performance enhancements for its DualBeam™ systems. The new EasyLift™ nanomanipulator allows for improved ease of use, reliability, precision and integration in preparing ultra thin samples for analysis in a transmission electron microscope (TEM).The new MultiChem™ gas delivery system, used for direct beam-induced deposition and etching of materials, provides superior control and flexibility over the gas-injection process and features simplified maintenance.

EasyLift is designed specifically for in-situ liftout (INLO) TEM sample preparation and other demanding nanomanipulation activities.

“By taking ownership of this critical step in the TEM lamella creation process, FEI can now deliver a more robust, integrated, and automated solution for our DualBeam customers,” stated Paul Kirby, senior product marketing manager for FEI’s Electronics Business Unit.“Better performance and a roadmap to fully-automated sample liftout will greatly benefit our advanced failure analysis and research lab customers.”

EasyLift is now available on the Helios™ NanoLab™ and Versa 3D™ DualBeam systems.

FEI’s portfolio of gas injection solutions for direct beam-induced deposition and etching is now further strengthened by the introduction of the MultiChem. The MultiChem targets applications where it is critical to further improve the properties of the materials deposited, better optimize the deposition or preferential etching process parameters, or etch materials with new gases.

“FEI leveraged many years of in-house expertise in the design of the MultiChem. It is a compact, integrated and automated solution supporting up to six precursors and advanced controls for optimizing the gas flux, delivery and mixing of chemistries. It also ensures faster and simpler maintenance of the precursor crucibles,” stated Andre Mijiritskii, director product marketing for SEM and DualBeam products, Materials Science Business Unit, FEI.

Better control over the gas injection parameters and full integration are essential to bring beam-induced deposition and etching to the next level, such as the deposition of materials with higher purity or of more complex and controlled contents. Together, with the iFastTM automation framework, MultiChem now allows for even more systematic studies and optimization of beam chemistry processes in an automated way and over a larger range of chemistries.

The MultiChem is now available on the Helios NanoLab systems.