Introducing the ekspert™ nanoLC 400 system from Eksigent

A new level of versatility and productivity in low flow LC/MS

The Eksigent ekspert™ nanoLC 400 system is designed for LC/MS researchers who need the highest levels of flexibility and reproducibility for both discovery and targeted proteomics, the ekspert nanoLC offers:

  • The ability to move effortlessly from high-sensitivity nanoflow to robust high-throughput microflow applications

                        -No re-calibration or vendor service required

  • Improved reproducibility – via MFCPlus™ technology – for more precise quantitation using advanced workflows on AB SCIEX Mass Spectrometers

                         -Scheduled MRM™ Algorithm
                         -MS/MSALL with SWATH™ Acquisition

The combination of easy, reproducible proteomics on any mass spectrometer using cHiPLC and a broad range of workflows and flow rates for busy multi-user and multi-instrument laboratories.

The ekspert nanoLC 400 is available in single and dual gradient versions, with or without the ekspert cHiPLC system.