Masterflex® Tygon® E-LFL Tubing Replaces Masterflex Tygon LFL Tubing

Tubing reformulation offers performance with minimal environmental impact

The new Masterflex® Tygon® E-LFL Tubing from Cole-Parmer is now available for use in Masterflex peristaltic pumps. This new Tygon tubing formulation is replacing the discontinued Masterflex LFL tubing from Cole-Parmer. The transparent tubing offers similar chemical resistance, purity, and long pumping life to its predecessor. Use it in a variety of biological, pharmaceutical, and chemical processes.

The new non-DEHP E-LFL tubing offers a BPA- or phthalate-free formulation to respond to changing world concerns. A new bio-based material used in the softening step of the E-LFL tubing meets many global regulations, including USP Class VI, EP 3.2.9, and FDA criteria. The tubing is also expected to meet European Food directives based on current test results. Samples, a complete validation binder, and compliance certificates are available for the new Masterflex Tygon E-LFL tubing.

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