Top 6 Questions You Should Ask When Buying an Optical Microscope

The technology behind visible light microscopes, the oldest true laboratory instruments, has not changed much in fundamental operation in 200 years. Microscopes still consist of a light source, optics, and a stage for holding the specimen. But that doesn’t mean microscopy and microscopes are not evolving, though innovation tends to be incremental rather than earth-shattering.

Here’s what you should think about when buying an optical microscope:

Top 6 Questions You Should Ask When Buying an Optical Microscope

1. What type of specimens will you be looking at? This will help you determine whether or not an upright or inverted frame type is best for you. For example, inverted frame types are best for thick specimens.

2. What applications are you using your microscope for? Answering this question is important when deciding whether a polarizing or nonpolarizing microscope is required. That information will also be useful in deciding on a basic or advanced model.

3. Are accuracy and ease of use critical for your applications? If they are, you will want to check out the motorized options of the microscope brand you decide to select.

4. Of course, asking about cost is also important. If your budget is limited, going with the basic model is usually the cheapest option.

5. What service and support options are available?

6. How long will staff be working at the microscope? If lab workers will be using the instrument for extended periods, selecting the most ergonomic microscope you can is important.

There are a few different considerations if you are in the market for a SEM microscope:

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