Extended Length Pipette Tips Improve Labware Access

INTEGRA has introduced a new extended length GripTip pipette tip available in non-sterile, sterile, filter and GREEN CHOICE configurations.

The LONG GripTip pipette tip is designed to work with single, eight, twelve and sixteen channel VIAFLO electronic pipettes and VOYAGER eight and twelve channel adjustable spacing electronic pipettes. The extended length design enables easy access into labware types such as 1.5mL tubes and deep well blocks. The extended length design also reduces PCR cross contamination as the elongated tip prevents the pipette shaft from contacting the wall of the PCR tubes.

Offering an extended volume range, 0.5 - 12.5µL, the LONG GripTip allows users to repeat dispense 1µL twelve times while still allowing for a 0.5µL last dispense to improve accuracy and precision.

INTEGRA designed GripTip pipette tips which, in tandem with VIAFLO pipettes, create a unique system that ensures your pipette tip will never loosen, leak or fall off again. The connection between pipette tip and tip fitting is a critical factor in ensuring accurate and precise pipetting.