Ondax Raman filter system bridges Raman and THz Spectroscopy

Ondax, Inc, the global leader in the design and manufacture of Volume Holographic Grating filters (VHGs) and wavelength-stabilized semiconductor lasers for the industrial, defense, scientific and medical markets, announced an extended family of Raman filter systems that enables scientists to capture THz Spectroscopy measurements utilizing a simple Raman set-up with a single-stage spectrometer. Based on the company’s patented SureBlock™ Ultra Narrow-Band Notch Filters, the SureBlock™ XLF Series Raman Filter Systems incorporate two SureBlock™ notch filters into a pre-aligned, light-tight, easy-to-integrate enclosure, providing 10x improvements in both spectral sensitivity and throughput.

“For the first time, researchers can easily and affordably access THz-regime spectra (300Ghz-3THz, or 10-100cm-1) with a plug-and-play solution that works with their existing single-stage spectrometer,” commented James Carriere, Director of Business Development for Ondax. “This immediately adds an important tool for gathering critical chemical and structural information in areas such as nanomaterials, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, explosives, and radioactive materials.”

Linda West, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, added “Beyond the exceptional performance of the system, the XLF platform greatly simplifies the set-up for the customer, enabling them to quickly integrate these filters into their Raman systems and begin taking data.”

The newest additions to the SureBlock™ XLF family are being introduced at the SciX 2012 Conference and Exhibit in Kansas City on October 1, 2012. Key new features include additional spectral and spatial filtering, integrated laser sources, and configurable sample ports enabling turn-key set-up with most commercial spectrometers. Application specific performance data of the system will be presented by Ondax during the conference in a talk entitled “Low-Frequency Raman Spectroscopy – Enabling Affordable Access to the Terahertz Regime,” to be presented Wednesday, October 3, at 2:20 p.m.