SevenExcellence™ – Precise, Flexible and Secure pH, Ion and Conductivity Instruments

METTLER TOLEDO announces the introduction of SevenExcellence™, a revolutionary benchtop meter for precise measurements of pH, conductivity, ion concentration or ORP (oxidation reduction potential). SevenExcellence is a modular instrument that measures one, two or three channels in parallel. Operation is intuitive thanks to its unique 7-inch touch screen and its ingenious guided interface. SevenExcellence is the newest member in METTLER TOLEDO’s Seven® product line, and stands for unmatched precision, flexibility and efficiency.

These new meters fulfill requirements in multiple industries in a wide range of workplaces. Its flexible methods effectively manage complex applications and the stringent requirements of regulated markets. SevenExcellence provides efficiency in routine lab work thanks to its high degree of automation and sophisticated connectivity, and is available in various convenient and ready-to-use kits, most of them adapted to certain industries’ needs.

Modularity for flexibility – intuitive touch operation for efficiency
SevenExcellence is a modular instrument, following the success of SevenMulti™. It’s available as individually configured single-, dual- and triple-channel instruments depending on the number of modules included. All preconfigured versions are sold as instrument only versions or kit versions with a choice of intelligent and secure ISM® sensors, and can be extended any time by the end user with additional modules.

SevenExcellence fits three modules in any composition:

• pH/mV expansion unit for pH, mV, rel. mV and ISFET measurements
• conductivity expansion unit for conductivity, resistivity, salinity and total dissolved solids
• pH/ion expansion unit for pH, mV, rel. mV and ion concentration

SevenExcellence is transformable to meet the needs of its users through its professional accessories and the right choice of sensors from one of the largest sensor portfolios in the world. The uPlace™ electrode arm with perfectly vertical motion makes routine measurements easier, reducing the risk of spillage of the sample or damage to the sensor. uPlace™ can be operated with one hand right or left of the meter, either free standing or attached to the instrument. The complete offering of peripherals like stirrer, barcode scanner, sample changer, finger print reader and various types of printers enhance security, efficiency and reproducibility.

The high resolution color touchscreen display features large digits and helpful icons, and a full text menu structure in 10 languages. SevenExcellence is extremely powerful while at the same time very easy to use. Just tap ‘READ’ to start a measurement or ‘CAL’ to calibrate the selected channel. The uFocus™ view allows a simplified reading of only the main parameter and eliminates superfluous information, allowing users to concentrate on results and work more efficiently.

Methods to increase efficiency, reproducibility and security – GLP and beyond
What differentiates SevenExcellence from other meters on the market is the smart method concept. With One Click™ operation, just a single click is required to start a method - a sequence of analysis steps with pre-set parameters. An existing SOP can easily be securely transformed into a method. Method modification is governed by user management rights, providing extra security. Methods ensure repeatability of analysis, consisting of strictly defined settings and measurement sequences.

Professional user management is implemented, consisting of four groups with varying rights, supporting a total of 30 users. Secure and correct instrument and method access is guaranteed. SevenExcellence provides full GLP support thanks to user ID, sensor ID, sample ID, method ID, and date/time stamp. The integrated radio controlled clock guarantees accurate time and excludes any mistakes or manipulation of the date and time settings. Numerous data archiving options, such as storing internally, exporting to USB stick, printing with various printers and transferring to LabX direct PC software, make it the perfect instrument for regulated markets. Highest precision and maximized uptime can be achieved by various service offerings such as professional installation, equipment qualification and regular service programs.

Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) – for peace of mind
METTLER TOLEDO’s successful Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) brings many advantages. All ISM sensors are automatically recognized, which eliminates the possibility of using the wrong sensor. The calibration data is stored on the sensor and transferred automatically to the instrument upon connection. This means that you can use a calibrated sensor on any instrument without having to re-calibrate. You can view the latest five calibrations as well as the maximum temperature to which the sensor has been exposed in order to maximize the upkeep of your equipment. Other diagnostic values can be taken from the stored data to optimize and speed up the support.

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