Agilent Technologies Introduces SureDesign, Simplifying the Creation of Custom SureSelect/HaloPlex DNA Sequencing Panels

Agilent Technologies Inc. today introduced SureDesign, a new online interface to help researchers create customized target-enrichment panels for next-generation sequencing.

With this new interface, researchers can quickly generate exceptionally flexible designs for high-performance, targeted resequencing, using Agilent’s HaloPlex and SureSelect systems. Now, in just three simple steps, they can create custom sequencing panels tailored to their specific projects. Targeted resequencing of genes/genomic regions is a key step in detecting mutations associated with congenital disease.

“With SureDesign, users can take full advantage of the unmatched level of customization available with our market-leading HaloPlex and SureSelect products, creating high-coverage designs in a matter of minutes,” said Kathleen Shelton, Agilent’s senior marketing director for genomics.

SureDesign provides an intuitive design environment that gives researchers the flexibility they need to assemble customized panels for targeted resequencing. It also enables them to streamline entire projects by improving the ability to focus sequencing efforts on specific genomic regions. SureDesign’s collaborative community-based online interface empowers users to work together across labs and geographic barriers to create new sequencing designs, share them with each other. Additionally, users can easily access, modify and merge existing gene panels.

Available immediately, SureDesign replaces Agilent’s eArray for SureSelect DNA target enrichment and the HaloPlex Design Wizard. SureDesign supports all Agilent custom target-enrichment formats and applications, including SureSelect and HaloPlex.