SHEL LAB Announces New Humidified Large Capacity CO2 Incubator

Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. introduces the SHEL LAB Model 2428H, the newest addition to its large capacity CO2 incubator line. This 27 cubic foot incubator features active humidity control up to 95%.

“The three most critical incubator components that ensure high yields in cell culture are humidity, CO2 and temperature uniformity” states Dan Sheldon, President of Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. “Not only does this unit have exceptional CO2 and temperature uniformity, it also includes a user controllable humidity system that is more accurate and responsive to door openings than a traditional water pan humidity system.”

Compared to water pan humidity generation, the 2428H humidity system provides less evaporation of culture media and eliminates a potential source for contamination.

The 2428H also has a heated glass door that minimizes condensation, another potential source for contamination. This triple-paned glass door allows easy viewing of samples without having to open the incubator door, so samples can thrive in the stable environment within the chamber. The 2428H SHEL LAB Humidified CO2 Incubator also features an antimicrobial copper drain.

The 2428H carbon dioxide incubator uses a gentle horizontal air flow heating system to obtain superior temperature uniformity and quick temperature recovery after door openings. This airflow system minimizes drying and disturbing sample conditions. The CO2 is accurately controlled with an IR sensor, providing overall CO2 stability and recovery after door openings.

The 2428H is available through SHEL LAB distribution partners