Introducing the HLW20 Well Plate Loader System from Prior Scientific

Prior Scientific is pleased to introduce the latest in Prior’s robotic sample loading systems – the HLW20 Well Plate Loader. Adaptable to most modern inverted microscopes, the simple, rugged and compact HLW20 provides three independently controlled and encoded axes for rotational, vertical and horizontal movement. Combine the HLW20 with a Prior ProScan stage for your inverted microscope and you have a system designed specifically for high content screening applications with a capacity of 20 well plates (two racks of 10 each). The two stainless steel racks provided with each loader accommodate covered and uncovered well plates up to 19mm in height. Sensors monitor the presence of well plate racks so that the system can be programmed to respond when racks are changed in the middle of a run. Upon detection of a newly installed well plate rack, a unique well plate detection system is able to automatically scan and identify the quantity of well plates in each rack, their location and to scan the barcodes (optional) and store that information for future use. A comprehensive Software Development Kit is supplied with each HLW20 making integration with third party software packages very straightforward. Additionally, the DLL provided with the HLW20 is compatible with both ProScan II and ProScan III stage and focus controllers.