Automation to Solve Sample Lysis Bottleneck for Molecular Biology Labs

Hamilton Robotics is launching the Microlab AutoLys STAR workstation, which automates sample lysis and DNA extraction. This innovative instrument improves bottlenecks for forensic scientists and other molecular biologists isolating nucleic acids from samples.

The Microlab AutoLys STAR – a new hardware, software, and consumables module for the popular Microlab STAR instrument line – has been tested with blood, saliva, and other types of forensic specimens. The workstation includes specialized equipment including a 2D barcode reader, Hamilton heater-shakers, new AutoLys tubes, four robotic channels to manipulate and transport AutoLys tubes, and a centrifuge. Key to the new system is Hamilton’s proprietary AutoLys tubes that can process up to 600 ?L of sample lysate. Customers have verified the Microlab AutoLys STAR system and found the extracted DNA to be comparable in quality and yield to established methods.

The instrument can also run overnight, thus increasing laboratory productivity. The Microlab AutoLys STAR system improves lab throughput by automating a labor-intensive and slow processes, and eliminates a potential traceability gap in the workflow.