Boekel Announces the “NEW” UV Crosslinker AH

Boekel Scientific is proud to introduce the new UV Crosslinker AH, adjustable height, UV curing chamber to the laboratory research environment. The Boekel engineering team has developed a ground breaking new device that enables operators to use the device at different internal heights to enhance the crosslinking effect or detail the amount/distance required for a controlled reaction. The unique adjustable height of the internal bulbs feature along with the self-calibrating energy sensor gives you real results that you can count on!

The UV Crosslinker AH was designed for crosslinking of DNA/RNA to cellulose membrane lattice when conducting Northern or Southern Blot experiments. This time efficient device allows the operator to manually adjust the height of the chamber bulbs with an easy twist knob located on the back of the unit. The digital microprocessor controller can run in Energy or Time mode and allows for pausing of the process to check on the experiment. The large and easy to view UV-Safe chamber window gives you the ability to see your experiment safely away from UV radiation. The UV Crosslinker AH comes with five 254nm bulbs and can also easily switch to 306 or 368nm bulbs without the need for recalibration.