Perfect Prescription for Tablet Coating Tests!

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories offers the TA-TCA Tablet Coating Adhesion Fixture for their CT3 Tester. The Tablet Coating Adhesion Fixture is designed to measure how well the coating adheres to the surface of a tablet.

The fixture compresses the tablet firmly between the double-sided sticky tape on both probes and attempts to pull the coating from the tablet as the upper probe retracts. The results for this test are “adhesive force” which is the maximum negative load as the probe pulls away, and “adhesiveness” which is the work required to separate the coating from the tablet.

The Brookfield CT3 Tester is the best value in a stand- alone instrument for physical testing. It combines simplicity of operation with expanded test method capability and operates in both compression and tension modes.

Brookfield offers over a dozen test fixtures specifically designed for customers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and is constantly developing new accessories in response to customer needs.

TexturePro CT software enables the operator to automate their test procedures and generate valuable analytical data.