Thermo Scientific Syncronis HPLC Columns  Now Available With 3 Micron Particles

Thermo Fisher Scientific is pleased to announce that Thermo Scientific™ Syncronis™ HPLC columns are now available with 3 µm. particle size. This new particle size complements the existing 1.7 and 5 µm particle sizes.

“This builds on the heritage of the Syncronis family of LC columns, which offer consistent, reproducible separations with high loadability,” said Darren Thomas, Thermo Fisher Scientific general manager, Chromatography Consumables.”This is an excellent solution for those scientists that have standardized their separations on 3 µm particle size.The expanded range of Syncronis columns matches a diversity of requirements from fast method development to rugged QC and high efficiency preparative LC.””

Syncronis columns are built on a backbone of highly pure, high surface area silica. Dense bonding and double endcapping minimize variation due to silanol activity. Enhanced automated column packing methods drive consistency even further, and each column is individually tested.