New Software Simplifies Data Collection and Programming of Orbital Shaker

Laboratory automation continues to be an integral part of the modern research lab. To meet this need in the marketplace, LabStrong Corporation has created a new software package for the Helix 250 Orbital Shaker called LabStrong Connect. The software allows for automation applications of the Helix 250 and is available as a free download.

LabStrong Connect is the perfect solution for automating data collection and programming of the Helix 250. With the help of the software, users can set-up, run and analyze results of experiments in a fraction of the time they needed in the past. Not only does using LabStrong Connect help to optimize laboratory productivity, but it also ensures repeatable results.

LabStrong Connect eases life in the laboratory by allowing users to control the Helix 250 using a personal computer. Communication between the computer and the Helix 250 uses an RS-232 serial port. Users can transfer data from the application and save it as a plain text (.txt) file, quickly and easily.