Cutting-edge mass spectrometry technology on show at PITTCON 2013

ALMSCO International, a world-leader in time-of-flight mass spectrometry technology and innovation, has announced that it will be showcasing its latest suite of products for trace-level organic chemical analysis at PITTCON 2013.

On show will be ALMSCO’s high-performance TOF mass spectrometer, BenchTOF-dx™, which provides the analyst with the capability to capture reference-quality full spectral information at traditional SIM detection limits.

Combining selectivity, stability and speed with full spectral sensitivity, this unique instrument delivers high-definition mass spectrometry and outstanding performance for every GC application. Rugged and robust in routine operation, BenchTOF-dx is also more than an equal for the challenges of advanced research. It offers identification and measurement of both target compounds and unknowns in highly complex matrices and at the lowest possible levels.

Among the suite of products on display will also be a new version of TargetView™, a software package for compound identification following GC/MS analysis.

Capable of detecting and identifying both targeted and unknown compounds in complex GC/MS chromatograms, for either trace-level work or for routine screening, the software has been designed for all GC/MS analysts irrespective of their field of work.

TargetView delivers rapid screening of chromatograms against compound libraries, and provides the analyst with the capability to quickly and easily create bespoke spectral libraries. In addition to this, a new batch-processing option now allows multiple files to be screened against a single library, saving a considerable amount of time for the analyst.

ALMSCO will exhibit BenchTOF-dx and TargetView on booth #4008 and 4009 at PITTCON 2013, Pennsylvania, March 17-March 21, 2013.     

ALMSCO International’s product portfolio is used to advance a range of GC, GCxGC and thermal desorption (TD-) GC applications including environmental contamination, oil exploration, food safety, odour/fragrance, metabolomics, homeland security and toxicology.