Eppendorf’s new epMotion® P5073 and M5073 deliver tailored automation of PCR setup and nucleic acid purification

Two new additions to Eppendorf’s extensive range of automated pipetting systems are uniquely tailored for PCR setup and nucleic acid purification, yet retain the flexibility that allows their use as open systems for diverse automated liquid handling applications. The new epMotion® P5073 and M5073 workstations automate and simplify what are traditionally complex, labor-intensive pipetting tasks, saving time and improving the reliability and reproducibility of results.

The epMotion M5073 fully automates the process of DNA purification, providing reproducibility with high yield and purity. Setup time is short and elution volumes as low as 25 µL for high concentrations can be used. Eppendorf’s MagSep reagent kits are specifically designed for use with the epMotion M5073. These ready to use reagents, supplied in a specific tray, eliminate the need for manual buffer handling and require only room temperature storage.

Per run 1 to 24 samples can be extracted for nucleic acid from a variety of sources, such as blood, tissue, cells, bacteria or viruses.

The epMotion P5073 helps streamline and automate the whole PCR setup workflow in 96 or 384 well formats. Four different, step-by-step guided PCR assistants are available to facilitate working with normalization, dilution, setup reactions and composing mastermixes.