PerkinElmer Introduces IVIS® Lumina Series III for Improved in vivo Imaging for Life Sciences Applications

Ideal for researchers in the area of oncology, infectious disease, drug discovery, efficacy and/or toxicology research, the new IVIS Lumina series III integrates leading bioluminescence and full spectral fluorescence in vivo imaging technologies, providing an expandable and sensitive bench-top imaging system that is easy to use for both fluorescent and bioluminescent in vivo imaging.

The Lumina Series III platform can be tailored to researchers’ workflow and is available in four models:




The IVIS Series III bench-top platform can perform multiple modalities including photographic, bioluminescent, fluorescent imaging, X-ray, radioisotopic/Cerenkov and real-time imaging. Multimodality imaging provides an opportunity to non-invasively generate anatomical, functional and molecular end points simultaneously. This approach leads to unique and powerful datasets that can be used for more effective decision making in drug research. The Lumina Series III incorporates key functional events simultaneously with sensitive detection and a platform tailored to your imaging needs in a bench-top format.  The Series III offers a full spectrum of wavelengths to perform most in vivo optical applications supporting the widest range of in vivo experimental models. It is equipped with up to 26 filter sets that can be used to image reporters that emit from green to near-infrared (NIR) in tunable precision enabled by PerkinElmer’s Compute Pure Spectrum™ algorithms.  The IVIS Lumina Series III can acquire images at multiple wavelengths to calculate concentrations of different fluorescent components in every pixel of an image. This results in the quantitative separation of spectral components within an image and can be used to:

  • Extract the signal of one or more fluorophores from tissue auto-fluorescence
  • Analyze fluorescent images when more than one reporter is used in the same animal model


  •  Image multiple fluorescent reporters simultaneously, facilitating exploration of multiple physiological outcomes in parallel within the same animal

Deep-tissue imaging is further optimized through a novel ultra-high NIR transmission technology, extending the power through the complete illumination range. PerkinElmer will also offer the opportunity to upgrade most legacy Lumina models with the full Series III feature set.