Many Measurements, One Analyzer - DMA 1

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Excellence Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer DMA 1. This highly flexible analyzer offers six different deformation modes to more accurately gauge materials performance. As one piece of equipment able to handle multiple dynamic and static measurements to characterize viscoelasticity, glass transition, softening, crystallization, phase transformation and more, DMA 1 is ideal for both academic and manufacturing labs that handle many different types of materials under tight budget and time constraints.

Ease-of-use has been considered in every aspect of the DMA 1 to ensure it delivers on its promise of flexibility. Researchers can set the sample arm and analysis head at multiple angles based on sample nature and geometry. Simple adjustment of the sample arm – without having to calibrate in between configurations – means samples of many shapes and sizes can be processed in quick succession. Rapid cooling to as low as -190 ºC with minimal liquid nitrogen consumption also helps improve sample throughput, reduce costs, and improve operator safety. A high-end temperature range of 600 ºC further increases the DMA 1 application range.

A key feature of the DMA 1 is its linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) which measures changes in length over a measurement range of ±1 mm with a mean resolution of 2 nm. Fitted near the sample to minimize influence of measuring system deformation, this resolution improves the accuracy of time lag/phase shift measurement between the force and displacement to help manufacturers more precisely determine how a particular material will behave in its manufactured context for better performance and reduced rework.

Further enhancing its flexibility, the DMA 1 also offers the critical ability to operate in liquids or at specific relative humidity levels. A humidity chamber/generator and circulating heat bath allow measurements under optimum conditions in every deformation mode.