Rapid Multi-Sample Homogenizer

The Multi-Prep Laboratory Homogenizing System makes multi-sample homogenizing simple.  This compact, benchtop unit was designed with decades of homogenizing experience and was created to address the challenges and rigorous nature of multi-sample homogenization. The Multi-Prep’s unique automated system improves lab productivity by homogenizing up to 6 samples at a time quickly and with ease.  All samples are homogenized simultaneously in mere seconds, ensuring accurate homogenizing speed and results. Precision crafted 316 Stainless Steel Multi-Prep Sample Probes deliver accurate and quick homogenizing results that are superior to plastic disposable generators while still addressing the concerns of avoiding cross contamination. Their multi-pack design means a clean, durable Multi-Sample probe can be used each and every time. Typical run time is mere seconds. The short sample runtime coupled with the ability to process 6 samples per cycle can result in 300 homogenized samples per hour.  Homogenizer protocols vary within any lab and the Multi-Prep’s programmability function can store up to 10 different homogenizing programs in memory.  For new homogenizing trials or quick-runs, the Multi-Prep can be used in the manual mode for individual sample processing. All programming controls are located on the Multi-Prep’s ergonomically placed keypad and programming parameters appear on the easy to read LCD screen.