How It Works: A Rinse Station

Problem: Cleaning and rinsing lab and process carboys and containers by hand inevitably leads to problems with cross-contamination. Hard-to-reach areas in carboys, like the bottoms and necks, and around the tops of other vessels can be difficult to get at with hoses and brushes and leave harmful contaminants in place.

Cleaning carboys and containers manually, with hoses and brushes in a big sink, is also slow and cumbersome—not to mention messy. Water ends up on otherwise clean work surfaces or on the floor, making for slippery conditions and a potential safety hazard.

In short, cleaning and rinsing carboys by hand can increase the risk of cross-contamination and create productivity and safety issues in an otherwise well-run lab or process facility. Until recently, the only other option: invest in a costly—$100,000-plus—automated system.

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