Protein Concentration Prior to Separation & Analysis

Many research applications require concentration of dilute protein solutions. The miVac sample concentrator from Genevac provides a proven efficient and cost effective alternative to membrane centrifugation techniques for protein concentration prior to separation or analysis.

For laboratories looking to pre-concentrate protein solutions prior to chromatographic separation and analysis – membrane centrifugation was traditionally the method of choice. However, for laboratories that use large numbers of membranes per year there is an alternative, the miVac sample concentrator. Using membrane centrifugation valuable sample is often lost due to protein binding to the membrane. By comparison using a miVac sample concentrator ensures complete sample recovery even when taking proteins to very high concentrations. For protein laboratories that handle large numbers of protein samples - the miVac also offers the benefit of greatly reduced spending on consumables.

The miVac range has been designed to meet the requirements for speedy, yet careful biological sample concentration. Each miVac sample concentrator is designed to provide very high performance, precise temperature control and ease of use – all within a small benchtop footprint. miVac sample concentrators are capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates, and vials. Built-in stored methods for drying aqueous and alcohol-based samples improve performance and optimise concentration time.