Frontier Laboratories Ltd., Introduces Its New Multi-Mode, Tandem Micro-Reactor System for Catalyst Testing

Frontier Laboratories Ltd., a leading manufacturer of pyrolysis instrumentation systems, today announced the launch of its new Rx-3050TR multi-mode Tandem micro-Reactor platform, designed for the rapid evaluation, characterization and performance of catalysts.

Frontier’s Tandem micro-Reactor is interfaced to the inlet of a GC/MS System with PC-based control software to setup each mode of operation. The software can be set to control separate temperature zones, cryogenic trapping, and analytical modes.

Multiple modes of operation allow different experiments to be conducted on the same equipment. The GC/MS can operate in real time monitoring mode for continuous analysis of gases from the catalyst bed. Alternatively, the system can operate in several integrated high resolution GC/MS sampling modes with stepwise, linear or isothermal reactor temperature experiments on gases exiting the catalyst bed. A single-shot mode allows the analysis of a gas, liquid or solid sample.

Solids for example, can be pyrolyzed in the upper micro-reactor to generate gases that are fed onto a catalyst bed in the lower micro-reactor with gas composition and temperature conditions controlled independently in both micro-reactors. Flow conditions and gas compositions can be set in a range of configurations to alter concentration levels, and reaction gases.  Quick change catalyst beds facilitate rapid screening of different catalysts.

“We are pleased to introduce our new Tandem micro-Reactor which evolved from our long line of scientific pyrolysis instrumentation systems and will have great appeal to process engineers and scientists performing catalyst studies,” said David “Dave” Randle, Frontier’s North American sales director. “There are over 2500 Frontier Lab systems in use globally by companies and academic institutions, with more than fifty-percent of them being used on a daily basis”.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Frontier Laboratories on new pyrolysis and catalysis applications,” said Dr. Robert C. Brown, Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Iowa State University. “I wish each of my graduate students had a Frontier system for their exclusive use, but for now they have to learn to share.”