NEW Economical Tubing Pumps

Aalborg® Instruments announced the expansion of its economical TP Peristaltic Pump line. TPV models are designed for liquids of low to high viscosity and can also accommodate fuels with the appropriate tubing.

TPV Pump Systems ensure stable performance and accurate, repeatable liquid transfer applications. They are ideal for laboratory, processing, and OEM applications.

TPV Pump Features: All Models

  • Long tubing life
  • 3 - 316 stainless steel rollers and shafts
  • Can be mounted in any direction
  • Controls for prime, brake, rpm, reverse flow direction, power LED
  • Adjustable handle to carry, hang, or stand pump
  • Safety cover
  • Maintenance-free 24 VDC brushless motor
  • Speed adjustable from 0 to 300 rpm
  • Unique adjustable tubing holder assembly
  • Fixed occlusion wall

TPV Pump Systems and Additional Model Features:

Pump Heads: Simply attach the pump head to your motor via existing mounting holes or to one purchased from Aalborg®.

TPVAD: AD Model Adjustable RPM Pumps: Standard features.

TPVDP: DP Model Adjustable RPM Pumps with Dispensing: Remote Start/Stop option is available. Set timer relay to dispense or to stop dispensing liquids over a selected time period to either Shot Mode or to Continuous Pulse Mode.

TPVRP: RP Model Adjustable RPM Pumps with Dispensing: Set timer relay to dispense liquids for a selected time period and to stop dispensing for another selected time period.

Flow Rate Ranges: 8 ml/min to 377 ml/min dependent on motor speed and tubing size.