The CLARiTY 11 Vis/NIR spectrophotometer

The CLARiTY 11 Vis/NIR spectrophotometer from On-Line Instrument Systems, Inc. (OLIS) makes it possible to obtain accurate absorbance and fluorescence spectra from historically challenging turbid samples.  For the first time, one can accurately characterize light scattering samples like gold and silver nanoparticle suspensions and gels, intact plant tissue, aggregating proteins, and whole cell suspensions with Visible and NIR spectroscopy.  

Applications supported with the CLARiTY 11 include bioenergetics of mitochondria, cancer cells, and algae, polymer and nanoparticle development, characterization and comparison of grapes, plant seedlings, and any other studies involving turbid samples.

Central to the CLARiTY 11’s immunity to scatter is the use of a gas of photons as the measurement beam and a unique integrating cavity as the sample holder which makes it possible to collect accurate spectra from samples which are clear, cloudy, murky, gelatinous, fibrous, or frozen.