Labnet International announces the Hermle Sieva-2 Filtration centrifuge

The Hermle Sieva-2 Filtration centrifuge offers a wide range of applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, food processing and research laboratories.  The two options of either perforated or non-perforated rotor baskets make the Sieva-2 ideal for filtration or solid/liquid sedimentation (decantation).  The rotors are designed with cone-shaped centers to guarantee an even spread of filtered material and rinsing agent.  The powerful induction drive motor reaches speeds of 10,000 RPM or 7,825 x g.

Enhanced features include:

  • Speed selection from 250 – 10,000 RPM
  • Transparent lid to visually monitor samples
  • Imbalance detection system for added safety
  • 500mL rotor basket with 10 rows of perforations
  • Intuitive control panel and large digital LED display