Multi-purpose high-safety laboratory with supply air and exhaust air containers

YIT develops modular high-safety laboratory

Together with HT Labor + Hospitaltechnik AG, the building services specialist YIT Germany GmbH has developed modular high-safety laboratories that meet biosafety levels BSL 3 and BSL 4. The multifunctional high-safety laboratories are manufactured entirely in Germany as container or structural steel parts and are then assembled and put into operation at the user’s premises. YIT is responsible for the ventilation components, which are produced and delivered as a comprehensive ventilation container comprising the specified HEPA filter technology, gas-tight shut-off dampers and air flow controllers.

A planning office is usually required for the centralised coordination of the construction of a high-safety laboratory. However, not all markets have an adequate number of planning offices with the necessary expertise – there are, in particular, shortfalls in this respect in the Arabian and Asian markets. Container laboratories manufactured abroad are therefore a pragmatic alternative for customers because they then get everything from a single source – from the planning, component selection and manufacture, right through to acceptance and the commencement of operations. This also significantly reduces construction times from several years to approximately one year.