TAP Launch New Analysis Module to Automate pH Calibration on Micro Bioreactors

TAP Biosystems, a leading supplier of innovative cell culture and fermentation systems and consumables for life science, will announce a new analysis module for its ambr™ micro bioreactor system, providing accurate automated pH calibration for enhanced bioprocess control, on Booth 25 at the BioProcess International (BPI) Conference on 17th-18th April in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The new analysis module will automate at-line pH measurement and calibration to produce consistent, scalable results by enabling more accurate feedback and pH control of cultures. It will provide fully automated at line pH calibration during culture set-up and pH re-calibration at any time during the run. This will save time by eliminating the need to manually check and alter culture pH from initial setup to culture harvest, as well as reduce the use of laboratory analysers to free them for utilisation by other scientists.

The analysis module is designed to use small culture samples, minimising the impact on the culture volume and enabling hands-free daily pH checks. For ease of use, the unit will come with a reagent pack including precise pH reference buffers for fully automated self-calibration and an ultra low volume pH sensor that can be easily changed by the user.

Dr Barney Zoro, ambr Product Manager at TAP Biosystems stated: "Scientists using ambr know that accurate control of cell culture pH is essential for consistency and scalability of micro scale cell cultures. To achieve this, precise sensor calibration is necessary with the smallest possible sample volume. Off-line assays with manual sample transfers can be time consuming so bringing full automation to pH calibration delivers great benefits in terms of performance, convenience and flexibility in scheduling measurements. Since the analysis module is very closely coupled to the ambr system, removing operator interaction improves pH measurements with a very fast ‘sample to readout’ time and consistency gains from fully automated sample handling.”

Zoro added: “We look forward to welcoming scientists to Booth 25 at BPI to discuss how the ambr micro bioreactor system with new analysis module will help improve the quality of their data, while also saving them valuable time with their clone screening and process optimisation studies.”