JEOL Resonance Introduces New Zero Boil Off Magnet for NMR Systems

JEOL Resonance has developed a new Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) super conducting magnet that operates on a minimum amount of liquid helium. The new NMR system will be announced at the 54th Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference (ENC), the largest NMR conference in the US.

JEOL's new NMR system is capable of acquiring high resolution NMR data when liquid helium is scarce. A super conducting magnet is typically cooled with liquid helium to keep its internal coil in the super conducting state and to maintain magnetic field intensity.

The new JEOL Resonance Zero Boil Off magnet will substantially reduce consumption of liquid helium by reliquifying the helium gas generated by evaporation of the helium in the magnet. In the event of a power outage the helium reservoir will maintain the magnetic field for 4 days. The cooling system design allows for biannual maintenance without affecting the high magnetic field of the super conducting magnet and minimizes vibration and noise that can interfere with NMR signals.

JEOL Resonance offers a line of magnets with a magnetic field intensity ranging from 400 MHz (9.4 T) to 930 MHz (21.8 T). The company plans to incorporate the new technology in the models of higher magnetic field intensities such as 500 MHz (11.7 T) and 600 MHz (14.1 T) to offer a complete line of new NMR systems. Shipments will begin in May 2013.