New Virtual Territory for METTLER TOLEDO: the Newsroom

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the launch of its online newsroom. The newsroom offers a central location for industry and media experts to discover what’s new at the worldwide supplier of precision instruments and other enabling technologies. Press releases, white papers, on-demand webinars, and product information are readily available. Visitors can also pick up information on upcoming webinars, training seminars and conferences making the newsroom a virtual one-stop shop for all things METTLER TOLEDO as well as many related third-party events.

“The newsroom is helping METTLER TOLEDO bring helpful content to its customers and industries using social- and multi-media tools alongside its more traditional communications vehicles,” said Marie-Louise Hupert, METTER TOLEDO’s e-program manager. Visitors can search archives and decide how they want to access METTLER TOLEDO literature based on individual preferences. Media professionals can also access news via a custom search or catalogue entries organized by product and industry. “Our goal with the streamlined access point is to make their lives easier,” Ms. Hupert added.

METTLER TOLEDO is also hoping the newsroom will make tracking industry interest over time easier as well. This evolving discussion will not only help METTLER TOLEDO make sure its current communications are relevant and useful—it could also influence future product development. “If we find that our audiences are very interested, for example, in a design feature being launched within one product line, we could conceivably step up plans to launch similar enhancements in related lines,” Ms. Hupert explained.

Ms. Hupert trusts the clean, inviting white paper, technical guide, case study, and related ePR materials overview pages accessed via the newsroom are easier to use than prior access pages. “By enhancing access to our extensive library of news and publications, we hope to continue doing our part to push evolving technologies forward so the industries we support can operate at their highest possible standards of excellence,” Ms. Hupert concluded.