NEW Vented Enclosures

Air Science has introduced a NEW Series of Vented Enclosures that provide effective containment of airborne particulates during manipulation and transfer of potent compounds.

Their in-house research suggests that even slight modifications of enclosures can result in containment factors from the microgram down to the nanogram. The turbulent-free design utilizes environmentally friendly, ductless technology in combination with carbon / HEPA filtration to provide precise, safe containment in all applications.

Ductless technology also makes installation of dedicated workstations easy, as no additional HVAC design is required. Air Science offers a host of vented enclosures to meet every analytical need.
Features Include:

  • Turbulent-free Airflow Pattern
  • Custom Sizes to meet every need
  • Specialized HEPA-filter technology for increased safety
  • Ductless design increases location possibilities
  • Easy-to-Change Filtration system

Applications Include:

  • Bulk Powder Weighing and Transfers
  • Task-specific Workstations
  • Short Duration Projects
  • Balance and Microscope Enclosure
  • Robotics Enclosure
  • Compounding Activities