Thermo Fisher Scientific Releases New Small Benchtop Centrifuge

Provides scientists with outstanding capacity in a compact design

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, has launched the new Thermo Scientific small benchtop centrifuge, delivering, in a compact footprint, the flexibility to adapt to evolving clinical and research needs alike, including clinical chemistry, cell culture, microbiology and hematology. Featuring innovative Thermo Scientific technologies, the small benchtop centrifuge is designed for solid reliability and consistent results to reduce the amount of downtime and costly bottlenecks during the separation process.

“Centrifuges are critical laboratory resources that are in constant use and demand. It is crucial to avoid bottlenecks in these lab workflows that could create unwanted downtime and negatively impact users’ work,” said Maurizio Merli, product director, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “With features designed to optimize simplicity, safety and flexibility, the new Thermo Scientific small benchtop centrifuges can help scientists save time and maximize resources in busy labs and clinics.”

These small benchtop centrifuges provide:

  • Application flexibility, cleaning convenience, and ease-of-use with Thermo Scientific Auto-Lock rotor exchange
  • Versatility to spin blood tubes, conical tubes, microtubes and microplate compatibility with sealing options – all in one versatile unit
  • One-handed sample protection with Thermo Scientific ClickSeal biocontainment lids, certified by the Public Health Laboratory Service, Microbiology Services, Porton Down, UK
  • Intuitive glove- and detergent-friendly interface with a bright backlit display, featuring one-touch operation with pre-set protocol options and optional password protection