Affinity Filters and Supports for Life Science Applications introduced by Porex Corporation

Porex Corporation (“Porex”), a proven market leader in porous media solutions for the life science and healthcare markets, has introduced POREX® Affinity Filters and Supports, an innovative range of porous materials used to enhance functionality through surface modification or sorbent addition.

Used in applications as pipette tips, 96 well plates, spin columns and gravity flow centrifuge columns, POREX Affinity Filters and Supports exemplify precision, reproducibility and the critical design standards required in today’s technological products. Surface modified, blended with sorbents or used as homogeneous peptide or protein supports in purification and concentration methodologies, POREX Affinity Filters and Supports help facilitate high resolution with high flow velocity. Available in molded discs, sheets, rolls or with embedded Carbon, C8, or C18; POREX Affinity Filters and Supports are design optimized to capture, clean-up, desalt and purify peptides, proteins and oligonucleotides.

“Porex strives to create innovative solutions that solve the specific challenges of our healthcare and life science customers,” said William Midgette, President and Chief Executive Officer of Porex. Porex scientists and engineers work hard to deliver industry-leading products such as our POREX Affinity Filters and Supports that meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.”