System Detects Novel Interaction Partners  for Integral Membrane Proteins

An innovative system designed to identify interactions involving integral membrane proteins or membrane-associated proteins is available from Dualsystems Biotech AG. Designed to detect novel interaction partners for membrane proteins, the DUALmembrane System can be used to detect pairwise protein interactions, identify novel protein interactions by cDNA library screening, investigate ternary complexes, and map interaction domains. The system is available in both convenient kit form and as a custom screening service.

The DUALmembrane System reliably detects interactions between integral membrane proteins and receptor subunits and co-receptors as well as membrane-associated proteins and soluble proteins. The system is based on the properties of ubiquitin, a small protein modifier that is conserved in all eukaryotes and plays a primary role in protein degradation.

The DUALmembrane Kit screens full-length integral membrane proteins for interactions in vivo under the physiological conditions at the membrane, with novel interactions identified through screening of cDNA libraries. The range of available cDNA libraries has recently been significantly broadened by DUALsystems for screening of human tissues, animal tissues, plant cells, and microorganisms. The kit also allows easy subcloning of full-length cDNA inserts using Sfi I technology.

With the custom DUALmembrane screening service, researchers can save time and money by leveraging Dualsystems Biotech’s extensive experience and expertise in identifying novel interaction partners for proteins of interest. Custom screening is particularly useful for detecting weak or transient interactions.