More weighing reliability in regulated areas: Sartorius presents new Secura laboratory balance

The new Secura laboratory balance developed by Sartorius for applications in regulated areas such as pharmaceutical labs fulfills particularly high reliability requirements. The balance monitors its ambient conditions automatically, thereby preventing handling errors. This increases the reliability of weighing procedures in pharmaceutical labs and helps users to achieve even better measurement results. Nine different models of the Secura balance are available, covering a range of weighing capacities from 120 grams to 5,100 grams, and a readability of 0.1 to 10 milligrams. The balance is also equipped with various assistance systems designed to prevent further processing of uncertain weighing results, which frequently occur through operating errors during weighing. If errors occur, the balance identifies the uncertain weighing results in the display and blocks their transmission. Secura can therefore increase process reliability and decrease error rates in the lab.

LevelControl system

Precise leveling of a balance is an essential component of equipment monitoring and a prerequisite for obtaining accurate readings. The electronic LevelControl sensor ensures that Secura is perfectly level. Non-compliance is indicated visually in the display and blocks output of the reading. Clear instructions in the display guide the user through the leveling procedure simply and safely. This means that lab staff can easily level Secura laboratory balances located in safety work benches or safety weighing cabinets without having to open the safe work area.

Automatic calibration with isoCAL

Even minor temperature fluctuations in the lab have a considerable influence on the reproducibility of weighing results. For this reason, balances have to be calibrated regularly and as soon as the ambient conditions change. Once a specified time or temperature threshold is reached, Secura‘s calibration and adjustment function, isoCAL, informs the user and automatically adjusts the balance using internal weights. Every adjustment is documented and can be traced for quality assurance purposes.

Monitoring USP-compliant minimum sample weight

Every balance used in regulated areas such as pharmaceutical labs has to meet the requirements specified by the FDA. Pharmaceutical labs therefore have to determine the minimum sample weight according to the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) on site, and measurements may not fall below this limit. On request, Sartorius service staff will determine this value during first operation of the Secura balance and issue a minimum sample weight certificate. The value will then be constantly visible in the display of the balance. If a measurement falls below the specified minimum sample weight, an alert will appear in the display and Secura will block printout and transmission of the reading.

Avoiding operating errors

The user interface of the Sartorius Secura balance has been developed in collaboration with experienced users. The weighing applications are represented as clearly understandable icons on the touchscreen of the Secura balance. This allows users to launch any of the balance’s programs with the touch of a finger, without first having to read the operating manual. Secura only displays the information required for the particular operation. The color-coded information and action fields make operating errors near impossible. Settings that could change data output or the metrological performance of Secura can be password-protected so that access to them is restricted to authorized persons only.