New 5-Micron C8 Kinetex Core-Shell Media Addresses Difficult-to-Resolve Compounds

Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the research and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, introduces the Kinetex C8 5-micron core-shell HPLC column. The widely used C8 phase delivers optimum retention for the analysis of hydrophobic and "sticky" compounds. In combination with Kinetex Core-Shell Technology, this phase gives analysts an excellent high-performance reversed phase alternative for HPLC methods. As with the existing Kinetex 5-micron C18 and XB-C18 phases, the new 5-micron C8 core-shell column can be easily substituted into methods that meet United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) requirements. Specifically the Kinetex 5-micron C8 meets USP specifications for Classification Code L7, enabling laboratories using 5-micron L7 columns to realize the performance benefits of Kinetex Core-Shell Technology without adjusting their USP methodology.

The largest diameter particle in the family, Kinetex 5-micron core-shell media delivers better performance than 3 and 5-micron fully porous offerings, with no increase in backpressure. In fact, the new 5-micron media provides 90 percent higher average efficiencies compared to the same size fully porous columns with little to no method development. Kinetex 5-micron C8 columns are fully scalable to or from the 1.7- and 2.6-micron particles, enabling easy method transferability.

"This new 5-micron phase expands our ever-growing Kinetex product line, which meets customers' needs from UHPLC to HPLC to small-scale preparative purification," comments Simon Lomas, brand manager for Phenomenex. "Kinetex Core-Shell Technology delivers huge performance advantages over conventional, fully porous media, such as sharper peaks, reduced run times, and more smiles in the lab."

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