PerkinElmer AxION iQT GC/MS/MS - Technology that's really outside the box

Announcing the new AxION® iQT ™GC/MS/MS from PerkinElmer, a "technovation" that will not only make you think differently about mass spec, it will change traditional MS/MS analysis.

For the last few months the MS community has been buzzing about "What's Inside the Box" and now it's here. At the annual ASMS conference in Minneapolis, MN,  we gave scientists a close look at AxION iQT "Outside the Box."

AxION iQT is a one-of-a-kind MS solution that combines the quantitation capabilities of a triple quadrupole and accurate identification of a Q-TOF into one instrument, without compromising performance. What does this mean for your lab operations? Now you can:

  • Run complex samples and get all the answers you need from ONE bench-top system -- easily and with absolute confidence in your results.
  • Measure more compounds in much less time – over 50 times faster than any quadrupole without compromising sensitivity – measuring up to 500 compounds a second, every second
  •  Reduce training requirements and increase your productivity with a "Smart" application-centric system that has many unique, automated features to empower non-MS trained personnel to perform complex analyses
  • Go from sample preparation to results with the touch of a button using the new integrated AxION Sample Manager