High Sensitivity, Low Background Multiplex Immunohistochemical (IHC) Analysis from Enzo Life Sciences, Inc.

Continuing their position as a leader in detection technologies, Enzo Life Sciences offers a convenient set of tools for single-color and multi-color immunohistochemical (IHC) analysis, featuring MultiView™ multiplexing kits, PolyView™ reagents, and the market’s broadest portfolio of HighDef™ Chromogens. Combined with over 1000 IHC validated antibodies and a complete set of ancillaries, Enzo offers all the tools to run an efficient IHC assay from start to finish.  

MultiView™ detection kits offer a complete solution for multiplex IHC, providing increased efficiency, reduced reagent use, and preservation of precious tissue samples. Each kit includes biotin-free nanopolymer-based PolyView™ detection reagents to reduce endogenous biotin-associated background, HighDef™ chromogens for crisp two-color development, as well as buffers and blocking reagents. The flexibility of PolyView™ reagents and MultiView™ kits simplifies custom multiplex protocols to enable up to four-color staining within the same tissue sample. Their industry-leading palette of HighDef™ chromogens provides the most choice in color options, featuring HighDef™ Yellow HRP, and including multiple horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and alkaline phosphatase (AP) options. The portfolio also includes streptavidin-based SAView™ detection kits for improved sensitivity and background compared to ABC detection protocols, also compatible with HighDef™ chromogens.  

Their growing catalog of over 1000 IHC validated antibodies includes those for the detection of key signaling proteins, cell surface markers, cytoskeletal proteins, protein expression & folding, cell death, and more.  Every Enzo antibody is backed by their Worry-Free Trial Program and expert technical support. With a broad selection of ancillary reagents for antigen retrieval, wash buffers, antibody diluents, and HighDef™ mounting medium, Enzo can help streamline simple and complex IHC assays from retrieval to coverslip.