EMD Millipore Launches Millitrack Compliance

  • Helps labs dramatically increase performance while simultaneously improving data quality   First electronic “solution” enabling water purification system compliance with worldwide regulatory requirements
  • Supports laboratories working toward paperless solutions
  • Helps labs dramatically increase performance while simultaneously improving data quality


EMD Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck KGaA of Darmstadt, Germany, announced the availability of Millitrack Compliance, a novel e-solution designed to allow regulatory compliance and optimization of laboratory performance for the company’s Milli-Q Advantage and Milli-Q Integral lab water purification system users.

Millitrack Compliance software is included on all new Milli-Q Advantage and Milli-Q Integral water purification systems, and can be enabled using an activation key provided by EMD Millipore.

In regulated laboratories, instrument qualification is a requirement. It is becoming increasingly important for lab water system users in regulated industries worldwide to comply with guidelines such as the FDA’s Title 21 CFR Part 11, or similar requirements set by other global regulatory organizations.

Lab Water system qualification services, performed by EMD Millipore’s qualified, trained engineers in partnership with customers, establish an initial level of compliance. Millitrack Compliance has been designed to bring EMD Millipore water purification systems one step further in the compliance process.

“Activation of Millitrack Compliance, combined with our qualification services, will allow Milli-Q Advantage and Milli-Q Integral users to comply fully with global regulatory requirements,” notes Jean Mahooti, responsible for EMD Millipore Lab Water Compliance services. “This e-solution enables labs to achieve good archiving practices and ultimately offers full compliance for users’ water systems,” he adds.

A lot of lab equipment is unable to provide electronic data according to the criteria of the regulatory agencies. Labs are forced to keep paper records of daily results — and then archive those records.

“Electronic data recorded and archived in the manner required by the regulatory agencies is becoming essential for laboratories. The built-in Millitrack Compliance e-solution is the optimal solution for companies who want to move towards a zero-paper environment where all instruments will automatically generate and store information safely,” Mahooti concludes.

In addition to making compliance easy, Millitrack Compliance was also designed to facilitate work in the lab and boost lab productivity. Millitrack Compliance offers remote monitoring and advanced diagnostic capabilities, which will allow laboratories to save time and increase productivity while minimizing downtime.