Gas Pressure Reactors Designed for Standard Hotplate Stirrers
Asynt has announced a range of compact gas pressure reactors designed to be heated and stirred using standard hotplate stirrers with the unique DrySyn adapter that ensures excellent heat transfer.
The base vessels are available from 50ml to 500ml and are rated up to 200 Barr and 200 degrees centigrade enabling reactions including hydrogenation, carbonylation and carboxylation at elevated temperatures and pressures to be routinely performed.
With the added flexibility of standard and custom DrySyn inserts, Asynt gas pressure reactors provide chemists with a platform to undertake a single reaction from 100's of microlitres, by itself or in parallel, up to a single reaction to the volume of the vessel.
All vessels can be provided with a bursting disc, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, PT100 temperature probe, thermowell for PT100, cooling coil, magnetic overhead stirrer with standard impeller (316 stainless steel), high pressure burette assembly and a range of glass or PTFE inserts and liners as well as PEEK internals if necessary.